Jul 13 2010

Sunny San Diego . . . .

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The last few legs were pretty amazing–the stretch from Turtle Bay to San Diego was filled with adventure, some really beautiful anchorages–and, some long miles. I will be posting more details of the trip in the next few days.

As for right now, I am in San Diego at the Transient Slips adjacent to the SD Police Docks. The sunshine has finally come out, and I am in the midst of all of the chandleries, harbors, marinas, and yacht clubs of San Diego. It is pretty amazing! (I even scored a ride on a Tripp 40 for the Wednesday night beer can races).

I’ll be here for a few more days to finish the repairs to Marishanna, and then I’ll be back at sea for the remaining legs to San Francisco. In the meantime, I have an internet connection and some work to finish . . . .

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Jun 29 2010

Baja Bash: Departing Turtle Bay

I am departing Bahia de Tortugas as soon as Enrique can bring diesel and water. The route is to San Diego via: Isla Cedros, Punta San Carlos, Isla San Martin, Isla Todos Santos, and finally San Diego. Some of those places may not have cell phone or internet connection . . . . just so you know.

I’ll be back in the US soon!

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Jun 07 2010

Calling All Sailors: Crew Wanted

I am looking for a few good sailors for the return trip. The details of the boat are on this blog, and I will provision the boat–you must simply cover your flight expenses to Cabo San Lucas, and return transportation to your home town.

The trip from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego has no place to get off, although we will be stopping in Bahia Santa Maria, Turtle Bay, and Ensenada for our final check-out of the country–with the possibility of other stops along the way to avoid bad weather. Your help on this stretch of the trip would be for the duration of the Cabo to San Diego leg. Of course, you will have to suffer vistas like this . . . but, you will have your share of watches, too. 4-hour watches during the daylight, and 2-hour watches at night–and, we will be fishing the entire trip.

If we were to sail straight through without stopping, and with perfect weather, it could take optimistically 6 days to get to San Diego. Realistically, it will be more like 10 – 12 days–and, if we have to wait out bad weather, or mechanical problems, it could be another 3 – 5 days on top of that.

Once in San Diego, we will be there for a few days to visit friends, re-provision the boat, and check into the country. The legs are much shorter once we are back in the US–San Diego to Morro Bay (with the possibility of stops at Catalina, and Point Conception between), Morro Bay to Monterey, and Monterey to SF.

If you are interested in getting some sea miles under your belt, please contact me through the website, or email me directly at: timothy@isailaway.net

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Jan 09 2010

Sailing Video: Sailboat Delivery from San Francisco to San Diego

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Oct 11 2009

Yacht Delivery Count-Down

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We are a bit more than one week away from the yacht delivery–the start of the trip for me.

Tuesday, of next week, we will depart San Francisco Bay, and sail to San Diego. It is going to be a quick trip–well be sailing as fast as we can to get to San Diego for the start of the Baja Ha-ha.

Right now, we are looking for another sailor to join us on a Tuesday through Friday sail to San Diego. Food will be provided.

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