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Jul 23 2010

There’s No Place Like Home

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I can’t say that I missed (or even thought about them) while in Mexico, but that corn dog sure tasted great!


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Jul 21 2010

Jackson Browne Afloat at Humphrey’s

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In the dink, floating with 3000 other dinks outside of Humphrey’s in San Diego, listening to Jackson Browne with David Lindley.

This is heaven.

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Jul 13 2010

Sunny San Diego . . . .

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The last few legs were pretty amazing–the stretch from Turtle Bay to San Diego was filled with adventure, some really beautiful anchorages–and, some long miles. I will be posting more details of the trip in the next few days.

As for right now, I am in San Diego at the Transient Slips adjacent to the SD Police Docks. The sunshine has finally come out, and I am in the midst of all of the chandleries, harbors, marinas, and yacht clubs of San Diego. It is pretty amazing! (I even scored a ride on a Tripp 40 for the Wednesday night beer can races).

I’ll be here for a few more days to finish the repairs to Marishanna, and then I’ll be back at sea for the remaining legs to San Francisco. In the meantime, I have an internet connection and some work to finish . . . .

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Jul 08 2010

Sailing over the US/Mexico Border

Just crossed the border. On my way to check back into the United States right now!

I’ll post the last few days adventures as soon as possible!

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Jul 02 2010

Baja Bash: Departing Turtle Bay in a few hours for Cedros Island North Anchorage

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According to Don Anderson, on the S/V Summer Passage, on the Southbound HAM Radio Net, the weather is going to be good for the next few days–as in, 10 – 15knots with mild seas. So, around 3am, I am weighing anchor from Turtle Bay and heading to the North Anchorage of Isla Cedros to anchor near the Sea Lion colonies.

Spent today getting ready: the dinghy is stowed, everything on-deck is secured, 6 more jerry cans of diesel fuel (and the tank topped off), 30 gallons of purified water, and food stores replenished. We are ready to go . . . .

I am not sure what the Internet reception is going to be for the next few days–but, I am on the last leg to San Diego.

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