Jul 06 2008

Cal Sailing Club: Dinghy Sailing and Rigging Lessons

The Cal Sailing Club may be the absolute best value in San Francisco for learning and practicing how to sail, repair boats, and just about everything else sailing-related.  In addition to running a fabulous sailing-co-op style club, they also like to barbeque, share with everyone involved, are welcoming, fun-loving, love to race, and even have members who have completed the Mini-Transat–a 30-day race with two legs from France to Brazil solo in 21-foot boats.  Uhhhhm–yeah.

Okay, Saturday rolls around, and myself and a friend roll up to the Cal Sailing Club.  We get a rigging lesson on the relatively new Laser Bahia (fantastic little boat), and then she gets a sailing lesson in a 14-foot Hunter dinghy.  Super-fun!

If you are looking for me during most of the summer, I have an idea where you might start . . . .

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May 20 2008

Ericson 29 Todo List

There are quite a few things to do before the Ericson will ready . . . but, that is part of the reason why I purchased the boat.  Overall, it is sturdy boat, but it is going to be my textbook for learning how to work on and repair boats.

The todo list is divided into several categories.  There are things that must be done before she can be sailed, things that are routine maintenance, and things that are upgrades.  Here is the first draft:

Before Sailed Items:

  • bottom wet-sanded and new bottom paint applied
  • prop replaced (it was partly eroded due to worn zincs)
  • motor tune-up and any repair completed
  • anchors inspected, and rode replaced
  • chain plates replaced
  • standing rigging replaced
  • running rigging replaced
  • electrical system inspected, tested, and any repairs completed
  • life-lines replaced

Should be completed:

  • portholes and deck hardware rebedded
  • cabin-top replaced
  • hand-rail replaced
  • winches disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled
  • running rigging replaced
  • docking lines and fenders replaced


  • replace seat cushions
  • purchase additional life vests for guests
  • repair/replace canvas covers
  • add canvas dodger
  • paint top-sides
  • install mast ring at the base of the mast
  • lead all lines aft
  • upgrade main winches and move existing winches to the cabin-top

This is not exactly a short list, but it is worthwhile.  This is a pretty extensive textbook . . . .

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