Jun 10 2010

The Simple Things in Life

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I have been in Mexico for a bit longer than seven months–arriving at the beginning of November. While here, I missed a few holidays to say the least.

My job at the family holidays, over the past 5 years or so, has been to bring apple pies. Of course, my mother does the majority of the rest of the work, but apple pies, from scratch, is my thing . . . .

Around Thanksgiving of last year, I naturally had a craving for apple pie. And, well . . . It never went away. And, well . . . basically, I have been craving apple pie for almost 7 months (it is not an easy item to obtain down here, and CNG for the oven on-board is non-existent in Baja).

One day, two cruisers sailed into town. Ryan and Kristina have been on a grand adventure, and we have enjoyed the sites of Cabo San Lucas together, and we got to talking–about cravings. Of course, I related my 7-month obsession with apple pie, and we all laughed . . . until yesterday . . . When they brought me one.

Thank you, Ryan and Kristina. (Adventures of Ryan and Kristina Blog)

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