Aug 12 2008

Crazy Idea: Crossing the Pacific–Sailing to Hawaii

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I have this cray idea . . . to leave for Hawaii in December–after Christmas.

Actually, it is not so crazy.  It makes good sense.  It is a good time to go.  I have a couple of years of sailing experience under my belt in San Francisco–one of the best places to train on the Earth.  The boat will be complete–and ready for a trip.

To take my 2-week vacation and sail across the Pacific Ocean, and be in Hawaii for my Mom’s 60th birthday.  Once there, I can get my mail, run my business, and stay in Hawaii until June or July on the hook.

The brilliance of this idea is several fold.  It is a pretty safe crossing.  It will be going from cold to warm.  Sailing will be fresh–because I will have completed a down-the-coast sailing trip to Cabo San Lucas the month prior.  And, I’ll have my sailboat at Hawaii.

I could return to Alaska the following July and sail the boat down the coast to Cabo San Lucas the following winter–then down to Costa Rica, and to Peru and Chile during the Winter Months–where it is warm.

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